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We prepare our students with the latest available curriculum designed in alliance with industry experts. Our courses empower the learner to use the language efficiently and effectively.

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Our courses are mapped with the International Language certification programs which in turn prepares the student to achieve their certification milestone.

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We believe that only experts can deliver the lectures with utmost quality. Our Language trainers are certified and skilled to fulfil your learning needs.

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Our Courses at a glance

Beginners Program

Beginners course from Aptech empower the learner to use the English language with all the comfort and confidence for everyday situations, social life and purpose related to work and leisure. Read more...

Spoken English Pre-Intermediate

Spoken English for Pre-Intermediate is designed to use the English Language in various situations such as professional life, interacting with people socially and professionally, leisure time and while traveling. Read more...

Spoken English Intermediate

Spoken English Intermediate is designed to use the English language when visiting new places, talking about your organization and running a restaurant. Read more...

Spoken English Upper-Intermediate

Spoken English Upper-Intermediate is designed to use the English language in situations such as discussing management issues, making financial decisions and interviewing candidates. Read more...

Business Communication

Business Communication course is designed to use English language more effectively for professional & business purposes. Make use of your own knowledge and personal experience and express your ideas and opinions in the way you wish to. Read more...

30 Days English

30 Days English course is specially designed for students who are focused and eager to gain confidence for a becoming a better communicator. The course is for individuals who know the language, but need improvement for better usage of the language. Read more...