30 Days English Learning

Why should I choose this program?

30 Days English course is specially designed for students who have a problem communicating in the language.

The course is designed for three types of candidates:

  • Candidates who can converse, but have difficulty in speaking fluently.
  • Candidates who can answer simple questions with considerable amount of help
  • Candidates who can write few connected sentences with grammatical errors

The course is designed for individuals who know the language but need assistance while using the language.

The course also helps to correct the grammar and help the individual to converse in the language without errors.

Learning Objectives

Aptech 30 Days English program helps the individual to:

  •  Discuss about personal details
  •  Improve casual conversations
  •  Participate in formal interactions
  •  Understand and write paragraphs using correct grammar

The course helps the learner to use his/her knowledge and personal experiences to express ideas and opinions during classroom sessions

Improves the knowledge of an individual